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Written by Elena Georgiou


 ~ Consider this an invitation ~

~ ~ Consider this a written libation ~ ~

2020 called to us. This is what we heard:

  • Writers are looking for a refuge
  • Writers are looking to connect with their creative selves
  • Writers are looking for ways to commune with each other
  • Writers are looking for more than critiques; they are also looking for mentors
  • Writers are looking for guides who will step out of the usual apprentice/expert relationship into new ways of inspiring and supporting one another
  • Writers want to make a difference in the world


Writers are looking for



Taking this idea of Imagination and Soul Partners, a group of us got together to brainstorm how to offer writers a place to connect and be inspired. A new path revealed itself—The Two Trees Writers Collaborative.


What is the Two Trees Writers Collective?

We are established writers and teachers, united by our intuitive approaches and inspired by unconventional ways of nurturing writers and creatives in their own development and growth. We are a community that has every individual’s needs and processes at its root. Collectively, we have decades of experience working with master’s degree candidates, which means we can go anywhere with you: deep into the craft and language of your manuscript or deep into your process and your writer’s soul.


Our Response to 2020 and beyond:

We invite you to put away uncertainty. We encourage you to say goodbye to feelings of disconnection. Instead, we welcome you to join us—to Re-Start, Re-Group, Re-Fresh—on a Re-Treat: the Two Trees Writers Collaborative inaugural event: The Grove: A Virtual Weekend for Creativity, Community and Restorative Practice.


We can’t wait to see what happens next!


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