Grove Participants' Information

Preparations and Guidelines

Welcome to Two Trees!  We have been dreaming this weekend for weeks now, and are really looking forward to sharing The Grove with you.

We will be sending you the Zoom log in information on Friday.  It will contain a link, a meeting ID and a password.  Please do not share it with anyone who is not registered to join us.  If you don’t receive this log in email 24 hours before the first workshop starts, please write to us at



Connection, inspiration, community and nourishment.  Each session will include some time to write, and some time to share. We are many writers from Hawaii to the U.K., writing in different genres, with different levels of experience, and who are facing this global moment in different ways.  All are welcome and all will be supported.

We will have ten hours together.  To prepare for the weekend, we suggest:

  • Find a space where you won’t be disturbed;
  • Have your favorite writing instruments to jot down ideas and exercises;
  • Wear comfortable clothes;
  • Have a cozy place to sit;
  • Bring something to drink or a light snack.
  • Make sure your computer or device is plugged in or charged;
  • If possible, have some headphones handy in case of background noise.

And, to make the most of your virtual retreat, you can start “packing” now!  Of course, you can come to all with a blank slate, but to help put you in a space where you are open to what comes, and engaged, a few recommendations:


If you have a question (or more than one) about your project, process, writing life, etc. write it down.  The cards are a conduit and you are the oracle. And though we won’t be asking questions about our individual projects or personal issues, the cards often answer those questions anyway. The more clearly you can articulate what you want to know for yourself, the better the chance of the answer coming. Also, we will have some time during the session for discussion where epiphanies come and magical connections are made.


This will be a time for you to be simply present—in mind, body, and soul. Ridding your virtual space of any distractions will be the most important part of our time together. Have with you the kind of notebook that makes you feel inspired—lined paper, blank paper, loose-leaf or bound. Have with you the type of writing instrument that makes you feel connected to your words. Elena will provide all the texts. She will provide all the prompts. Your job is simply to open yourself up to the unanticipated and the astonishing.

This will be a time to honor the divine lines that lead to the desire lines, that then lead to the lines on the page.  


Please bring any unfinished work or fragments of works that have not found their place, or form.  It might help to print this work, or you are welcome, also, to have a digital folder you can connect to during our experience. 

Have paper on hand, and writing/drawing implements.  Also, a bowl of water.

Before the workshop, go for a walk. Gather any tree/leaf/branch matter you come upon, if it’s on the ground, or if the tree gives permission, and bring this tree material to our workshop, for a short ritual before: we start.  If walking outside on the day of our workshop is not available to you, then bring, instead, what might substitute for: tree/leaf/branch.


The Fruitful Dreaming Salon primarily requires your presence, and your dreams of good things.  “Dreams” can be actual sleep dreams, day dreams, or wishes.  “Good things” can mean your dream contains a positive or hopeful image, a good feeling, or even a scary image that needs changing.  It might help to keep a journal of your dreams for a few days prior.  On waking, write them down and bring something to our salon.  Or, if you have been carrying a dream around for some time, please bring it to the table.  Come prepared to share.

This is about dreaming together, so even if you think you haven’t got a dream to share, please join us.  Your ideas, and your hidden dream brilliance will help us all shine.

This is dream time.  What bring what you need to relax and chat. (I recommend a cup of tea and a light snack!)  May your dreams be fruitful!




If you have not used zoom before, please take some time to go to the website ( or and download and install the program. Feel free to familiarize yourself with the platform. You can also check out this quick one-minute video, and follow the link to join a test meeting:

You will enter via a Waiting Room. This indicates you are in the right place and will be let in when the workshop is ready.

Please log in a few minutes before each session; for the first session of the first day, feel free to arrive 10-15 minutes if you can and especially if you have not used Zoom so that we can iron out any technological glitches.

Your Screen:

We will be asking everyone to take a moment to rename themselves before we begin with: 1. the name you want to be called, 2. your personal pronouns, and 3. where you are in the world. Since we aren’t in the same physical space, this will help us connect.  Once in the meeting, you can do this with a simple button next to your name in the participants’ list. If you don’t know how to do this, make sure to show up a few minutes early on the first day.


Safety and Respect are essential to our experience and to The Grove Community. 

With this in mind, please remember to:

  • Honor your own needs. This means taking the time you need; asking for help if you are able; (gently) remembering your boundaries; not sharing anything you don’t want out there.
  • Honor each other. We all come from different places, and our differences and diversity are what makes our time together so special. Listen. Release judgements and assumptions. Everyone is here for different reasons. Give back what you can, what feels right to you, but only if it is invited.  Be positive and mindful of the other writers’ feelings.

If there is an instance where participants are sharing writing or their own ideas, your workshop leader will talk to you about workshop guidelines, giving feedback and respecting intellectual property.  

We have limited time.  Please remember to share it equally.


This weekend is for registered participants only.  Please do not share in any way. This means do not record the sessions, take screenshots of participants or presentations, share materials, or forward the log in link.

If you enter late, or need to leave early, we would appreciate it if you try not to disrupt the flow of the experience for others. We will not be able to repeat any of the material you missed, but (barring technological problems) we will attempt to create an official backup recording for participants who need it to view for a limited amount of time.

If anyone engages in disruptive or inappropriate behavior, they will be removed without refund.

We appreciate your cooperation and your contributions toward everyone’s safety, well-being and enjoyment!


Questions  or problems, please write to us at