Write With Us

Our Approach

The Two Trees Writers Collaborative is part sanctuary, part “sacred grove in the heart.” We believe in alchemy and transformation, which is to say that our goal is to help you tap into your inner voice, sometimes in unorthodox ways, and then to turn your inspiration into art. Our mentorship and guidance is rooted in following three beliefs:


  • Every writer‘s path is unique.
  • Your individual process must be nourished and respected.
  • A writer needs both solitude and community.

Guided by intuitive writing practices that honor both the individual and the collective voice, Two Trees is a community where novices can find a variety of paths to explore newly-discovered material and where seasoned writers can choose from a menu of options to further develop their voices and work.


Everything you need in the palm of your hand.  Get a personalized palm reading for your story, your writing process or your life.


Get inspired and generate new work, or take a deep dive into structure, craft, and process. Give it an afternoon, or a whole season. 

One to One

Need a coach to brainstorm with or keep you accountable? Looking for a manuscript review or developmental feedback? Let our Mentors tailor our feedback to you.

Tarot Readings

Looking for something completely different?  Get a personalized tarot reading for your story, your writing process or your life.

Writing Retreats

There is nothing better and more inspiring than writers getting together for a combination of writing time, generative workshops, sharing work, and inspired conversation. (Not to mention good meals, beautiful spaces, and maybe even an occasional massage.) While we wait for the world to open safely, and look for the perfect space to host us, take a look at the Pele’s Fire Writing Retreat that we founded and hosted for three years on the Big Island of Hawaii.