Your Process, Your Way

Two Trees Mentors know that writers need a variety of modes of input and advice on the development of their work; sometimes, you require a jumpstart; other times, you require accountability and check-ins; and oftentimes you need feedback on manuscripts-in-progress and completed drafts.

Because your relationship to your writing is a constantly changing / fluid / holistic journey, we have put together a menu that offers a variety of ways to work with our mentors.

Members of the TTWC are available to you for individually in the following ways:


You are writing, or you want to. You need someone to bounce ideas off of, help you sort through your notes, get started, or keep going. Setting goals, and holding yourself accountable, are important to you. You need a cheerleader – don’t we all? – but you want someone who has a lot of experience working with writers at all stages of their careers, and who have been where you are.  If you have studied writing in a school or degree program, you know how working with a Mentor can support your creative process and help fuel your creative work; if you have never had any formal training or had the opportunity to work with a published writer and teacher, you are in for a treat.

Coaching is structured around regular meetings with your Mentor (monthly or biweekly, depending on duration). Set your own schedule and goals. Packages available for three months, six months, or one full year.  Your custom coaching might include, for example:

  • Customized Plan #1: You need accountability more than anything.  You want to write forward, and keep going, at a steady pace, and you could use some guidance about how to move from one section to the next. After a consultation you might opt for 30-minute bimonthly video chats that will address accountability, and support you with progress check-ins and brainstorming chats.
  • Customized Plan #2: You got this. Mostly. You know what your project is, and you have the skills to pull it off, but sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees, or vice versa. After a consultation, you might opt monthly hour-long video chats that will include progress check-ins and creative troubleshooting/ brainstorming.

Standard packages range from $450 for 3 months up to $1500 for one year. Take a look at our Mentor pages and feel free to reach out to one of us to explore the next steps.


TTWC Mentors are available to you for all levels of manuscript development: work in progress, completed drafts, final revisions before submission. Each manuscript consultation will offer the kind of feedback that will move your work closer to your desired goal. Your Mentor will talk with you prior to reading your work to help you to make the best choice for the kind of feedback that will most help you to take your work to the next level.  There are as many mix and match options for manuscript consultations as there are writers.  Here are two examples:


You did it. You wrote, and likely rewrote, and came to the words “The End.” Now what?

Well, first you breathe.  Do a little dance; cry it out in the shower. Then, you might be thinking you want a new set of eyes to help you find out if you got everything out of your brain and onto the page, and if it resonates with your reader the way it does in your brain.  The best readers are not your friends and family. You need someone who can support you, recognize what your goals are and help you acheive them.  Sometimes this means holding up a mirror so you can see what you have put on the page: both what is not yet there, and how to find the clues and opportunities you haven’t yet tapped.

We have done it ourselves. And we have taught writers how to shape their books, from overarching plot and themes to individual word choices. Whether you are almost there, or need to work out some major threads, talk to us and see what we can do.

A standard package for a full manuscript consultation will range from $2,000 to $3,000 (for prose—up to 300 pages); $1,200 to $1,500 (for poetry/hybrid forms—up to 80 pages.)

Talk with your mentor about non-standard manuscript lengths.


Maybe it’s just us, but we can imagine a mentorship that isn’t all talk or all writing. If you are working on a manuscript that is actively in process and you would like both some coaching and accountability, and an editorial response to your drafts so far, we can work with you.

Inspired by our decades of experience working with master’s students in a low residency creative writing program, we can also custom design a six-month plan for you that includes reading your work in progress and providing a written response, interlaced with coaching calls, via video or phone.  The timing of your submissions and the calls can be tailored to your schedule, but your hybrid coaching should be completed within six months for continuity and best results.

Cost range: $1,500 to $1,800 (each submission should fall within a standard range of 30 -50pg of prose; 20 to 30pg of poetry)

(This option is great for writers who are missing their time as a student and looking for a similar kind of support system.)

Reiko offers both thoughtful and intelligent guidance through the oftentimes daunting and overwhelming terrain of a manuscript. Her comments are a perfect blend of heart and mind, just as her writing is, and I feel that is what makes up a beautiful story: the heart, the mind, integrated. When I began a new project after working with Reiko, I would hear her voice in my head when something wasn’t working or when something was! And that’s what Reiko’s guidance does—it lingers, and I am so grateful for it. I hope that Reiko is my first reader on many projects to come.

Heather Leah Huddleston

Elena is one of the most lovingly assertive writers I know.  Her responses to my work were generously helpful. She has a knack of seeing the longterm goal, even when the work is in its earliest stages. The feedback that I received allowed me to re-enter my writing with the inspiration I needed to take an early draft towards a final, polished poem. My conversations with her uplifted me and left me ready to go to work.

Laurel Radzieski

poet & author of Red Mother

Reiko has been my go-to reader and editor for my last two books.  Her clear, passionate, and constructive insight has been essential.  In fact, these books might not have existed without Reiko’s suggestions for both form and content, and concrete ideas for revision.

Kenny Fries

author of In The Province of The Gods and others

Elena’s honesty, candor, clarity, and confidence are infectious. The feedback she offered me always confirmed that she had my vision for my work firmly in her mind, with suggestions that helped me to make my poems truer versions of what I wanted them to become. She has been more than a mentor and a colleague; she is someone I aspire to be: a natural leader gifted with true vision, who is dedicated to the people around her as much as she is dedicated to her art.

Tristan Beach

I worked with Reiko on a memoir about a dark and scary time of my life.  She approached my work with a rare combination of loving kindness, insightful and honest feedback, humor, and shrewd suggestions.  The manuscript review and thorough cover letter were all I needed to revise and finish my memoir.  It was like having her by my side for a wonderful and enlightening experience.  Reiko has a gift for seeing where a manuscript is heading and suggesting how to get there.  I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Fredrika Sprengle

READY TO TAKE THE NEXT STEP?  Currently, Elena Georgiou and Rahna Reiko Rizzuto are offering one-on-one mentoring and manuscript development.  Please check out their personal Mentor pages and CONTACT THEM THERE for more information and to explore their availabilty to work with you.