The Grove

(c) Loba Wakinyan Azul

Retreat Where You Are

A Virtual Weekend for Creativity, Community and Restorative Practice.

What is a RE-Treat, when we cannot be together?  Especially in these times when we need one more than ever? 

Two Trees is offering an opportunity to RE-Start, RE-Group, RE-Fresh with four Mentors and four entirely different approaches. RE-Turn to your writing. RE-Engage with a new creative community.  But most importantly RE-Connect with your own inspiration and intuition. 

Join us for an immersive zoom weekend for creative writers in all genres, for all levels: ten hours of intuitive creative strategies and practices like no other!

Three levels of pricing available. Discounts may be limited according to enrollment. Please check out the dropdown below and select the price that meets your needs. 



During this weekend, you will have the opportunity to work with four Two Trees Mentors to explore a variety of new approaches to firing up your imagination. Reiko, Bhanu, Sherri, & Elena have put together a series of intuitive offerings that have at their roots a selection of fresh ways to discover what is urgent and waiting to be written. Each workshop will include discussion, exploration, opportunities to write, and a chance to connect with other writers. You will come away with new ideas, new tools, and a fresh start. The entire weekend includes 10 hours of connection: two workshops per day with a 90 minute break between. You may be starting early, or late, but whatever your schedule and time zone, you'll have the rest of the day to work with everything that is bubbling up for you.  (Workshops are not offered individually). 

Clear your time, and your space; make a commitment to your writing; and join us as we journey down the inroads and into the forest to discover the insight and material that is waiting for you in The Grove. 

The Grove is happening on Saturday, October 24th and Sunday, October 25th.

The Oracle Inside You: Using the Tarot to Remind Yourself of What You Already Know

To begin, we will set some intentions for the weekend, enter the space and get connected. The Tarot is our tool, and we’ll use the cards to tap into your all-knowing self for the answers that are yours alone. Through group readings and individual pulls, Reiko will give you a taste of how you can use this divination tool for everything from general inspiration and assurances, to revealing clues to your characters or plot. We will get some writing in, and test out ways to formulate and then use the images and messages as personal writing prompts. Will all your questions be answered?  You’d be surprised at the gifts you can give yourself. (2.5 hours)

SATURDAY OCTOBER 24TH.  6 am HST/ 9 am PDT / 12 noon EDT / 5 pm BST

Divine Lines to Creative Pathways

Leading with the belief that our imaginations know ahead of our fingers the patterns and pathways that our work wants us to follow, we will use stichomancy (divination by randomly selected lines) to launch us into generating new material and/or developing work that has been lying dormant. Elena will walk you through a number of steps (some cumulative and connected, others using the element of surprise) all designed to help you to move your work forward in the workshop moment as well as inspiring you to keep going once you return to your individual writing practice. (2.5 hours)

SATURDAY OCTOBER 24TH.  10 am HST/ 1 pm PDT / 4 pm EDT / 9 pm BST

The Fragment: A Studio Practice for the As-Yet-To-Be Book

In this workshop, you’re invited to bring content (of any length) from a failed or abandoned project of any genre. Perhaps what you have are fragments or notes as yet not extended towards a completed or even partial work.  We will reach into the messy, rough shapes of this as-yet-to-be work, selecting fragments to rotate, hold up to the sun or moon, immerse in other materials, or touch. Can revision practice be conceived of as a ritual of the fragment? How can we install these fragments, or think of installing them, in a different way? (2.5 hours)

SUNDAY OCTOBER 25TH.  6 am HST/ 9 am PDT / 12 noon EDT / 4 pm GMT

The Fruitful Dreaming Salon: Dream Activism for Writers

Pull back the curtain to a silk-draped room, a floor of cumulus pillows, a low table artfully arranged with cups of steaming tea and tiny cakes.  Drape yourself across the cushions and join us at the table.  Though your body is at home, your spirit is with us in the imaginal world, where great things happen.  It’s time to dream of change… 

The Fruitful Dreaming Salon is a place where we join together to manifest ideas for a better world.  It begins with the story of an emperor who dreamed of paradise.  By emulating his dreams, he made a new reality.  Now, it’s our turn.  Bring your most wonderful dreams and daydreams to the table.  Through conversations and writing prompts we will ask, Wouldn’t it be wonderful if…?  and What would it take to plant this idea in my work?  In  our world?  We’ll  spread out the bounty of our ideas, shake loose the seeds and discuss how to plant them in stories and our lives, so that they may one day manifest in the outer world and bear fruit.  May your dreams be fruitful, may your hopes be wise. (2.5 hours)

SUNDAY OCTOBER 25TH.  10 am HST/ 1 pm PDT / 4 pm EDT / 8 pm GMT